DJI Inspire 2 Review And Features List!!

DJI, the leading incubator of drone technology has revealed something which is really thrilling- Inspire 2 that is going to be the next in line “Professional camera drone” with excellent new technology which is known as Cinecore 2.0 image processing version. A lot of improvements have been taken place, in a line Inspire 2 has taken the level of drone technology a bar high from the present. We are lucky enough to have a test of this awesome drone and did something which we have never thought of.

Have a look on the features that we have tested during the “test fly”. If you are planning to buy a drone and accumulating budget for the same, then check the new features that have embedded in the Inspire 2.

USP of the Inspire 2

The new Inspire 2 drone has taken the aerial cinematography to the next level, and that is also at an unbeatable price. Also, the dji inspire 2 review by almost all the reviewers has been very good.

Fantastic camera features- clearly unbeatable

Inspire 2 has come up with a new camera setting which includes 2 superb cameras that can take videos at 5.2 K resolution. It’s a big leap from the DJI’s Inspire 1 which features 4K video recording. The sensors (FOV equivalent to a 24mm lens) in the Inspire 2 also get improved enough to capture crystal clear distortion-free videos. The standard camera that has been boarded on this drone is the Zenmuse X4S.

Wide range of formats supported

All the captured formats can be supported by including Adobe CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes 422 HQ (5.2K, 4K) and ProRes 4444 XQ (4K), H.264 and H.265. So there is a wide range of formats that are supported by the new “Inspire 2” drone- relax and keep capturing the awesomeness around you.

High-speed Wi-Fi streaming

The wireless capabilities have been redefined in this drone, it can deliver 4K resolution videos directly from the drone to your screen at a rate of 100Mbps which is enough to get distortion-free real time HD recording.

You can change the recording settings and can set it at a lower resolution at 720p60.

Video Quality & Frame Rate

The ProRes and RAW codecs get unlocked when the Zenmuse X5S camera is in use. The framerate of the video when capturing at 4K can go up to 60p for RAW settings and when it’s being recorded at 4K video in H.264 and H.265, the rate cam go up to 100Mbps.


New Propulsion Technology

Inspire 2 is powered by a new propulsion technology which has enabled it to fly and reach at 50 mph (kph) in 4 seconds while the top speed stands at 67 mph (108 kph).

Seamless acrobatic features

An acrobatic feature of this new drone is quite awesome. It can climb to 23 feet per second (precisely 7 m/s) and cam start coming down at up to 30 feet per second (approx at 9 m/s).

Intelligent Flight Controller

The controller is enabled with a new master and slave system, and you can switch between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies both anytime.

The flight controller has a 5.5 inch bright IPS monitor (of 1000 cd/m2 and 2000 cd/m2); another version of the same drone has a 7.85-inch display for better flight viewing.

The drone supports microSD Card slot for taking immediate backups and transfers and get a video playback anytime. There are 2 SD card slots that are capable of recording proxies, and it can be operated at temperatures between -20° (minimum) and +40° Celsius (maximum).

Auto obstacle avoidance

The Inspire 2 has been featured with an intelligent flight mode that is quite impressive. You can fix objects while the drone is flying. Using the new tap fly option you can avoid the obstacle by pointing your fingers on the screen otherwise, you can use autonomous flight mode that is an auto mode that resumes capturing video at 4K resolution while avoiding all the obstacles automatically.

Price- Justifies the features

The price tag is $2,999; it’s OK for the drone if we consider the impressive features in the account. But for the new X4S camera, you need to pay $600 extra.

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