Why is Freedom Apk better than other apps?

Freedom Apk is such an application which enables the user to just hack the in-app features of Android apps and enjoy benefits without expanding anything. When all other applications are pricey, Freedom Apk is free. This is the very reason why Freedom Apk is better than other apps. The Freedom apk is simply revolutionary since it rids in-app purchases and comes up with fake Google wallet or payment account.

To make sure that the user is not caught by the hands of the law, the Freedom apk functions with a free card system. This clearly implies that once you install the powerful and robust Android tool, every restriction associated with the gaming apps is removed and thus you can collect unlimited coins and reach up to different levels of the game. Freedom apk saves you from getting caught by Google Play.

Freedom Apk is available in several versions

This is the main reason why Freedom Apk is better than other apps. You can access the app in different versions like Freedom Apk 1.0.7, Freedom Apk 1.0.7h, Freedom Apk 1.0.6 and many others created in the year 2015 and 2016. This app is updated frequently with the latest features and is also compatible with a lollipop, Marshmallow, etc. In fact, its latest version is v1.0.8c which operates both in Marshmallow and non-marshmallow devices.

The easy to use and install

It is very easy and convenient to install and run Freedom Apk. The moment you install this app, it will display the list of Android apps on your phone that may be considered for in-app purchases.

Added benefits of Freedom Apk  

There are certain key features of Freedom Apk and they are worth considering. The app is extremely beneficial since it supports the operating system of Android, hacks easily your favorite and popular games, works and operates on the free card system and is available on the app mode. In the eyes of the Google play store, the Freedom apk is completely legal. It also supports Lollipop 5.0x version and is simple to use. With this powerful tool, the avid gamer can enjoy paid and premium versions of Android apps and that too for free. You can access the gold level and premium versions of the game. Temple run and Candy Crush Saga are some of the popular games to be enjoyed.

Remove advertisements from the apps

The Freedom Apk helps in the removal of annoying advertisements that tend to interfere with the smooth operation of Android application or the gaming experience. You can hence collect unlimited gems, coins, and diamonds. There is no additional cost for using the app and it may also be installed in the breeze easy manner.

For the enthusiasts of Android games, the Freedom apk is tailor made and this is the added benefit. With the dummy credit card, you can make purchases of gems and game points without any problem. The in-app purchases become free of cost. You just have to tap the screen to unlock premium features and allow dummy credit card to handle the rest. This is why Freedom apk is better than other apps.

MoboGenie: One Stop Shop for Managing Android

Managing files between your PC and Android phone is not an easy task, and sometimes we lose files and important documents while transferring. Though there is a lot of PC suite software for Android-Windows interconnection available, we only choose the best one for getting our job done efficiently and smoothly without having many troubles. Mobogenie is the genius in this case, and you can completely rely on this tiny Android app for effortless file transfers between your phone and PC. It’s easy to use and comes at absolutely free of cost.

Mobogenie App Features- Staggering & jaw dropping

Let’s start with what you can do with this app. There is no confusion in our minds (who have used it once) that there are hardly some apps in the market that can make this kind of impacts with users’ options and experience. Here we are showing you the key points why we have given this app a “five start rating”.

Let’s find out the features here-

Seamless file transfer capability: We already have mentioned that this is an app specialised in file transferring between your system and Android phone! It’s blazing fast and performs operations seamlessly without showing errors.

Thanks to its ultimate app coding because it has fewer numbers of bugs. We are saying this because we have experienced only one bug while it opens. It does not that conspicuous, and you can hardly understand it. Otherwise, we could not be able to spot any error or bug during intense use of Mobogenie.

Transferring files are also very easy. You need to open the folders and just have to do simple copy-paste jobs to transfer the files. It’s too easy, seriously. Give it a try of you don’t believe it. We are sure that you will love it.

Install the most useful apps from Play Store: It has an innovative suggestion area where it shows the “most downloaded” apps of the Google Play Store and the “Trending Apps” which are on the hot plate as well. You can easily get the suggestions and the usefulness of the apps right from the screens of your phone.

Want to install games? Get Mobogenie: There are some highly famous games like Plants vs. Zombies which are available on Mobogenie only, you can play these games and can get an idea about which games are trending on Play Store and can try those games. It saves the time of filtering games one by one in Play Store! So, it’s quite efficient in this case.

Supports all the Android versions! It may shock you but in reality, Mobogenie apk supports all the phones having Android 2.2 or higher! In a line we can say, it will run on every Android phone effortlessly. The best part is that it’s optimised for every version of Android OS.

It’s a “must have” app if you have been looking for an app that can manage file transfer from your Android phone, not a “just to try” type. Use it and we are sure that you will definitely feel the differences.

Game Killer Game cheating app review

Generally, it is the fact that there are a vast amount of game cheat apps which are currently available in the market. Apart from them, one of the famous renowned game cheating apps has come into light that is Game Killer. The majority of the game hacking apps would do the functions of offering cheats or certain android games, however, game killer provides you few additional attractive features with providing the cheats for your required game.

Of course, we are familiar that it is actually fun to win the game accordingly, however, the cheats require certain android needs.  Apart from them, one of the significant jobs to keep in your mind to employ the cheats is your device required to be rooted.  In the other words, you require having root access to your device as well as this is surely going to be a hard job for the novice players.

Working of Game Killer App:

  •    The game killer apk is a very helpful as well as an exclusive application that has the ability to offer cheats for android games that are offline.
  •    Of course, you heard that right, for this purpose you need not require to connect with data connection or Wi-Fi connection.
  •    Furthermore, by hacking any game, you can have any amount of coins, enhance your health stage as well as perform anything that the game features.
  •    In fact, it permits the users to obtain something that they need. However, it has been defined earlier; this will not support in any kind of the unrooted devices.
  •    Furthermore, this app has the capability to associate along with the game that shall be played in offline mode. Keep in your mind that online games such as the clash of Clan will also be supported with this cheat app.

Features Of Game Killer App:

Commonly, there are a vast number of features accessible for the gamekiller apk android hack.  Some of the major features are mentioned below.

  •    The game killer apk is totally free of cost to employ as well as you need not have to spend any kind of hidden charge for downloading or to use the app.
  •    The majority of the hacks, as well as cheats accessible for the android games, are helpful for the online games in the present market however this is special functions for the offline games.
  •    You can obtain every game points, coins and/or features of the game simply.  It is actually very easy to install and use all you require is a rooted device.

Facts To Know About Game Killer:

The game killer has obtained the leading ranking for the hack. It is one of the great apk apps leaving behind all the other hack apps of its types. The app offers you the great options of changing the values of your points on the game along with total comfort. The apps permit you to search kind of game as well as you can also verify the essential details of the games, even though the costs.

5 best aptoide marketplace features

Since the past few years, Google Play Store has been one of the most popular platforms for downloading the mobile apps but today there are other alternatives which the users can try. One such superb option is the Aptoide app which is yet mobile app store through which the people can download as well as upload mobile applications of their choice.


This is just one feature but there are much more that will catch your attention. If you too are tired of using the same Google play Store and are seeking for a better choice, Aptoide is definitely an amazing option open before you.

Before trying this store, let us make you familiar with the different features that you will be able to enjoy.

  1.    Set up your private app store – Aptoide gives you the benefit to create a mobile application store where you are free to upload the games, apps, and other stuff. You can customize the store or even allow the other users to use your stuff. Even you can share the app from the other people’s store thus getting the access to a number of different apps. This is a unique feature that you will surely love.
  2.    Biggest collection of apps – There is no denial to the fact that Aptoide is said to have the largest number of mobile apps including the travel apps, games, photography apps, business and lots more. There are over 12,000 apps available on the store thus making it one of the best mediums to get the app of your choice.
  3.    Offers excellent search results – This means that using the Aptoide you can search any app very easily. You just have to type the name of the app you are looking for and the same will come before you. There is no need for any confusion as only the desired search results will come your way. So you can now download the app you are searching for and enjoy it on your devices.
  4.    Update notifications – Another essential feature of this store is the notifications regarding the update of the games and the apps that you receive. As soon as there is any change in the app or the game, the same will be notified to you through the update. Thus, you can check which apps you wish to update and enjoy the latest version. In this way, you will have a better experience.
  5.    Download manager – Through the download manager, you can view the apps which are downloaded, check the speed and keep a track of the files being downloaded. The estimated time will appear before you thus providing complete information of the files. You can also check the status and manage all the stuff in the right way.

So these are the five features of the Aptoide app store that make it the best choice. If you are eager to enjoy a seamless experience, just get started with this app store which is excellent in every way.

Hope you love the experience and enjoy the mobile applications.

How to Root android without PC!!

In the Android Operating System, you do not have full root access to use some of the functions on your device. Rooting is a way to have complete access to the Android Operating System.

There are many ways to root your device. Some process needs your computer to compete it whereas there are also some app for which you do not need the involvement of your computer. There are many application available for you to root the device without PC. Here are the best 3 explained:-

  1. Use “universal Android Root App” for rooting the device without computer

The Universal Android Root app is one of the best way to root your device without PC. The simple steps are listed here:

  • At first you will need to download and install the app. You can get it in http://www.datafilehost.com/d/ff526292. Remember to install the app in your phone storage.
  • Bow access to your phones “Setting” menu.
  • Open “Security” and then select the option – “Install the apps from unknown source”.
  • Now click on apk file just downloaded.
  • Open the app.
  • Select the “root”. Select your version of phone.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  1. Use “KingoRoot” for rooting the device without computer

Kingoroot is one of the latest app developed for rooting the Android devices. The app offers the feature for rooting the device with few steps.


  • To begin with the rooting process, first of all access the web link http://d.kingoapp.com/website/KingoRoot.apk and download the app.
  • After the complete download, install it in your device.
  • Open the installed app.
  • Select One Click Root to start rooting. It takes few seconds to root the android phone.
  • If the process is successful then you will be notified with the success message. Then restart your device.
  1. Use “Z4Root” for rooting the device without computer

Z4Root is very popular these days. It is most used by the MTK users as it offers to root these devices in very easy way. However, the user who got the Android device but not MTK device can also give it a try. It has been successful in most of the times as it installs “Su” binary in Android device.

  • The app is available on the web link: – http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=446145.
  • Download and then install the app.
  • Open the installed app in your device.
  • Click on the “Root” option to begin the process.
  • After the completion of the process, you will need to restart your device to find out if you have rooted your device successfully or not.

Alternatively you can install framaroot for a more easier and simpler to follow procedure.

After rooting your device, your device can have many benefits. However there are some drop backs too. One of the biggest disadvantage is that it makes your device warranty illegal. It means you will not be provided with the free service if your rooted device is damaged. Sometimes you might not also be update your device to the new update released by your device manufacturer. However, you can update manually but some of the security update might not be available for you.