Best Pressure Washers Of 2017 Reviewed

Quality performance by powerful machines of the year

A device which is used for removing old or existing paint off a boat is known as a pressure washer. In other words, it is also called as a power washer. It is high-pressure sprayer which removes grime, mud, dirt, loose paint, mold and dust from surfaces of buildings, vehicles as well as concrete structures. This device consists of the high-pressure motor for pumping water, a hose along with trigger which acts as a switch. It is highly suggestible to use such devices with proper care and instructions.

These sprayers are being classified under different types such as-

  1.    Electric sprayer
  2.    Petrol sprayer
  3.    Gas sprayer
  4.    Stream cleaner
  5.    Hydraulic sprayer
  6.    Diesel sprayer

These devices are considered as fabulous tools for cleaning any surface and preparing it for painting. It boosts up cleaning performance plus infuses renewed sparkle to the dull and damaged surface. Earlier, steam cleaners, chemical compound & sand blasters were used for cleaning concrete surfaces. As the time has changed and technology has developed, many new machines and tools are invented like pressure washers that make cleaning surfaces a wonderful experience for everyone.

One of the benefits that can be witnessed by using pressure washer is that it completely refreshes as well as rejuvenates surfaces in a very low cost as compared to replacement or restoration cost of a project. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to remove all the grime & grease present on the surface for increasing adhesion power of the new material. Washing through power washers helps in removing all the debris effectively by getting into cracks & crevices. A powerful stream is being generated by this machine through a mixture of water, other liquids plus compressed air.

Two different critical variables are being used in such type of machine like water flow along with air pressure. Gallon/liter is the unit for measuring pressure while pound/inch square is the unit for air pressure. This machine has industrial application as well. For home jobs, it can also be used.

Best pressure washer 2017 are listed below-

  1.    Generac one wash 2000-3100 PSI 2.8 GPM 212 CC Power Washer

It is a gas power washer which is generally used for cleaning car for the driveway. There is no need of changing nozzle again and again for operating it. It has become popular due to quickly adjustable pressure knob.

  1.  Simpson PowerShot 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM Honda

It has been defined as a very durable furthermore most reliable type of gas pressure washer. In the list of best pressure washers 2017, it holds a prominent place. It delivers maximum performance with professional quality.

  1. AR Blue Clean AR383 1900 PSI 1.5 GPM-

It is a type of electric power washer which is very affordable, portable and has average duty power. It has become the most common choice of people in recent time.

  1. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM-

It works with 25% more clean-up power than previous models. It is bit expensive and easily available at the open market.

Best pressure washers 2017 comprises of all the models which have improved efficiency with more cleaning power.

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